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Original Motion Picture Trailers

We have been fortunated enough to obtain the original National Screen Service Trailers for several 1960's hit movies with major stars. We have not viewed these trailers and cannot answer which scenes are included.

A Patch of Blue (1965) A sensitive interracial drama with Sidney Poitier, Shelley Winters, Ivan Dixon, Elisabeth Fraser, Elizabeth Hartman, Wallace Ford, John Qualen. Directed by Guy Green. Shelley Winters won an Oscar for her role in this film (003f0001) $35.00 SOLD

LUV (1967) Adaptation of Murray Schisgal's hit play. Jack Lemmon, Elaine May, Paul Hartman, Peter Falk, Eddie Mayehoff, Severn Darden, a young Harrison Ford (003f0002) $35.00

How to Committ Marriage (1969) Hope and Wyman are about to divorce when their daughter announces plans to marry Gleason's son. Bob Hope, Jane Wyman, Tim Matheson, Tina Louise, Jackie Gleason, Maureen Arthur, Leslie Nielsen, Irwin Corey (003f0003) $35.00

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