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Cigar Trim/Edging Catalog Sheets - Moehle Lithographic Company

In the period just before and following the turn of the twentieth century, there was a boom in cigar smoking in the United States. Hundreds of big city companies entered the cigar business. To help support them printers produced the labels bands and edgings to give their products a professional appearance. We have been fortunate to find a few catalog sheets for cigar box edgings from the Moehle Lithographic Company of Brooklyn, NY. These are suitable for framing. We date these to circa 1913.

New Style Edging $4.50 per ream. Sheet measures 18.5" wide and 13 5/8 " long. minor image damage on left section. Seam separating. (Stock number 003cigtrim1) $150.00

New Style Edging $3.50 per ream. Sheet measures 10" wide and 10 " long (Stock number 003cigtrim2) $75.00.

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