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Early Victor Record Catalogs

Some of the finest musical artists of their day recorded for Victor. These monthly catalogs promoted the new releases by the Victor artists with descriptions, formal and informal photographs and background stories. Artists listed are pictured in the catalog, other recording artists are also represented. Approx. 5" x 6 3/4". Very nice condition.

March 1915. Supplement covering releases since November 1914. Charles Ross Taggart, Dr. Clarence Penney, Irene West Royal Hawaiians. Homer Rodeheaver, Enrico Caruso. Maud Powell, Fritz Kreisler and Efrem Zimbalist, Luisa Tetrazinni, Giovanni Martinelli, Emmy Destinn, John McCormack, Chritine Miller Nora Bayes, Lambert Murphy, Herbert Witherspoon, Alma Gluck. Louise Homer, Mischa Elman. (Stock number 003victor315) $20.00

September 1915. Supplement covering releases since May 1915. George MacFarlane, Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Castle, Brown Brothers. Reinald Werrenrath, Frederick Wheeler, Harry Lauder, Neapolitan Trio. Beatrice Harrison, Ralph Bingham. Cal Stewart, Paul Reimers, Lucy Isabelle Marsh, Fritz Kreiselr, Geraldine Farrar, Lucrezia Bori, Frances Alda, Freida Hempel, Julia Culp, Margarete Ober, Efrem Zimbalist, Alma Gluck, Titta Ruffo, John McCormack, Maud Powell, Evan Williams, Emilio de Gogorza,George MacFarlane, Florence Hinkle, Enrico Caruso. (Stock number 003victor915) $20.00


March 1917. Enrico Caruso on cover. Mabel Garrison, Mischa Elman Margarette Ober, Maud Powell, Hurtado Bros Marimba Band, Van and Schenk, Nora Bayes photos. Full page Marie Cahill photo. 2 page Caruso article. 36 pages (Stock number 003victor317) $20.00 SOLD

April 1917. Alma Gluck on cover. Enrico Caruso, Amelita Galli-Gurci, Mischa Elman Mabel Garrison, John McCormack, Clarence Whitehill Herbert Witherspoon, Reinald Werrenrath, photos. 36 pages (Stock number 003victor417) $20.00

May 1917. John Mc Cormack on cover. Enrico Caruso. Frances Alda, Elan String Quartet, Emilio De Gogorza, Alam Gluck, Amelita Galli-Curci, Frieda Hempel. Giovanni Martinelli, Maud Powell, Fritz Kreisler, The Original Dixieland "Jass" Band. photos. Full page Elizabeth Spencer photo. 2 page Louise Homer article. 36 pages (Stock number 003victor517) $20.00

August 1917. Scotti on cover. Enrico Caruso, Emilio De Gogorza, Marcel Journet, Louise Homer, Fritz Kreisler, John Mc Cormack, Efrem Zimbalist, Harold Veo, Ferdinand Himmelreich, Nora Bayes, Willie Weston photos. Full page Frances Alda and Paderewski photos. 2 page Interview with Evan Williams. 32 pages (Stock number 003victor817) $20.00 SOLD

September 1917. Frances Alda on cover. Enrico Caruso in "The Pearl Fishers", Frances Alda, Julia Culp, De Luca, Elman String Quartet, Amelita Galli-Curci, Mabel Garrison, Frieda Hempel, Alma Gluck, Maud Powell, John Mc Cormack, Ignace Paderewski, Brown Brothers, Billy Sunday Chorus photos. Full page Giovanni Martinelli photo. 2 page How recordings are made in the Victor Laboratory. 40 pages (Stock number 003victor917) $20.00

November1917. Louise Homer on cover. Giuseppe De Lca, Evan Williams, Mischa Elman and sisters, Mina, Liza and Esther, Amelita Galli-Curci, Alma Gluck, Giovanni Marinelli, Ignace Jan Paderewski, John Mc Cormackm Efrem Zimbalist, Tom Ennis and his "Union Pipes". Pietro, Frank McKee, Nora Bayes, Sally E. Hamlin, Frances White, Paul Reimers, Homer Rodeheaver and Billy Sunday Chorus, Charles Ross Taggart photos. Full page Fritz Kreisler photo. 2 page How your records were manufactured article. 32 pages (Stock number 003victor1117) $20.00 SOLD

September 1918. Full page of Enrico Caruso. Emilio De Gogorza, Elman String Quartet. Amelita Galli-Curci. Giovanni Martinelli, John McCormack, Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Lambert Murphy, Olive Kline, Alma Gluck, Marion Harris, Scene from Rainbow Girl, Scene from Rock-a-bye-Baby, Athur Fields, Elizabeth Burchenal, Hel;en Clark. (Stock number 003victor0918) $20.00

October 1918. Full page photo of Frances Alda. Enrico Caruso, Giuseppe De Luca, Alma Gluck, Efrem Zimbalisr, Jascha Heifetz, John McCormack, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Reinald Werrenrath, Marion Harris, Charles Harrison. (Stock number 003victor1018) $20.00

March 1919. Enrico Caruso, Harry Lauder, Giuseppe De Luca, Mabel Garrison, Fritz Kreisler, Giovanno Martinelli, John McCormack, Efrem Zimbalist, Conway's Band, Fernand Pollain, Pietro. (Stock number 003victor0319) $20.00

April 1919. Sophie Braslau, Enrico Caruso, Flonzaley Quartet, The Zimbalist Family, Jascha and Pauline Heifetz, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, All Star Trio, Arthur Fields, Lewis James, Laura Littlefield. (Stock number 003victor0419) $20.00

May 1919. Frances Alda, Alfred Cortot. Emilio De Gogorza, John McCormack, Harry Lauderm Arthur Fields, Billy Murray. (Stock number 003victor0519) $20.00

December 28, 1923. (only 4 pages) Paderewski, Lashanska, Brooke Johns, Jack Chapman and his Drake Hotel Orchestra, Irene Bordoni. (Stock number 003victor1223) $15.00

January 4, 1924. (only 4 pages) Tito Schipa, Fritz Kreiselr, The Goldman Concert Band. Paul Whiteman, Richard Crooks, Duncan Sisters. (Stock number 003victor0104) $15.00

January 25, 1924. (only 4 pages) Edward Johnson, St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Paul Whiteman, Green-Arden Orchestra, Henry Burr, Lambert Murphy. (Stock number 003victor0124) $15.00 SOLD

March 1, 1924. Lucrezia Bori, Feodor Chaliapin. Alfred Cortot. Mischa Elman, Amelita Galli-Curci. Orville Harrold, Louis Homer, Hugo Kreisler, Olga Samaroff, Rosa Ponselle (on cover), Stokowski, Shura Cherkassky, Lucy Marsh, Marie Cahill, Merle Alcock, Eddie Ross, Paul Whiteman, Fred Waring, Benson Orchesra, Ted Weems, Jack Chapman and the Drake Hotel Orchestra, John Steel, Marcia Freer, Frank Crumit, Aileen Stanley, Franklin Baur. (Stock number 003victor0324) $20.00


Victor Record Catalog. 1940-41. 476 pages of Victor Records plus 136 pages of Victor Red Seal Records. Very nice. (Stock number 003Victor1940) $45.00

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