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A Rare Find of Cigarette Pack Labels

"About 2 and one-half years ago my phone rang. On the other end was a New York -based dealer acquaintance of mine who specializes in theatrical prop rentals. A member of her family had been cleaning out a defunct printing plant in Nashville, TN and discovered a file cabinet which contained samples of printing jobs completed by this plant from the 1930's to 1960's. Included in these samples were samples of cigarette packs. I immediately began to salivate, and we arranged through reliable third parties to get the entire find to Brimfield where I was exhibiting that weekend. This lot of labels had great diversity and only a few duplicate labels. I proceeded to spend an entire shows profit, sorted the labels, and decided they could provide the basis for an interesting book.

These labels remained on my bookshelf for all of this time. Although we are maintaining the collection intact we decided to offer some of the duplicates. Most of these are limited to one or two of each label so this find does not alter their rarity.

Condition is near mint although some small paper yellow due to age has occurred."

We have sorted these labels into 3 groups for ease of viewing:

U.S. Domestic Labels

U.S. Export Labels

Foreign Labels

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