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A Selection of Grape Crate Labels

Minimum order for grape crate labels is $15.00 plus shipping. American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover accepted.

Big Stump Red Emperors - Boy & girl standing on the stump of a giant redwood. Sequoia Foothill Fruit Growers -narrow label $5.00 (003grape01)

Blue Goose - Familiar blue goose silhouette label for Placer County mountain fruit -narrow label $5.00 (003grape02)

Blue Flash - Flash of lightning -narrow label $5.00 (003grape03)

Blue Hound - Hound chasing a rabbit with a vineyard in a circle in the background -narrow label $5.00 (003grape04)

Bluebird - Stylish bluebird and leaves -narrow label $5.00 (003grape05)

Buck Rock - Stag standing before a mountain -narrow label $5.00 (003grape06)

Carnation - California Fruits. Malaga Grapes. Narrow label - carnations. $5.00 (003grape07)

Chateau Gourmet - Image of a chateau -narrow label $5.00 (003grape08)

Corinthian California Emperor Grapes - Sailboat and a blue anchor in a yellow circle -narrow label $5.00 (003grape09)

Corsage - Large white rose with pink ribbon -narrow label $5.00 (003grape10)

Corsair California Emperor Grapes - Spanish galleon in full sail -narrow label $5.00 (003grape11)

Country Boy - Clean-cut young man and a vineyard -narrow label $5.00 (003grape12)

Crystal - Image of a sparkling diamond -narrow label $5.00 (003grape13)

Dartland California Mountain Bartletts - Spear - narrow label $5.00 (003grape14)

Giant Tree Red Emperors - Two cars and a fallen giant redwood -narrow label $5.00 (003grape14)

Gold Dredger - Dredging equipment -narrow label $5.00 (003grape15)

Gold Rush - Pick, shovel and pan with gold nuggets falling - narrow label $5.00 (003grape15)

Lady Rowena. CA Fruits. Emperors - Narrow label. Lady on horseback, knights jousting, blue anchor $5.00 (003grape16)

Lone Eagle - Prop airplane and a blue anchor in a yellow circle - narrow label $5.00 (003grape17)

Million Dollar Emperors - Piles of gold coins - Narrow label $5.00 (003grape18)

New Yorker - The Empire State Building and stylized letters -narrow label $5.00 (003grape19)

Nile - Two camels and the Sphinx -narrow label $5.00 (003grape20)

Nob Hill - Cable car with buildings & Golden Gate Bridge in background -narrow label $12.00 (003grape21)

Our Pick - Chicken with bowl of fruit -narrow label $5.00 (003grape22)

Pacific Pride - Golden Gate Bridge with ship in foreground -narrow label $5.00 (003grape23)

Pep - Block letter text -narrow label $5.00 (003grape24)

Pride of Dinuba-California. Woman with bunches of grapes-narrow $5.00 (003grape25)

Pursuit - Propeller plane -narrow label $5.00 (003grape26)

Pusher - Block letter text -narrow label $5.00 (003grape27)

Red Robin - Large red robin -narrow label $5.00 (003grape28)

Red Wagon - Young boy in a red wagon with grapes -narrow label $5.00 (003grape29)

Rolling Meadow Emperors - Rolling meadow -narrow label $5.00 (003grape30)

Rosy California Grapes - Smiling apple cheeked girl -narrow label $5.00 (003grape31)

Safe California Grapes - Large safe -narrow label $5.00 (003grape32)

Salute Grapes - Large bunch of purple grapes & the Italian flag $5.00 (003grape33)

Spitz Emperors -Large spitz and blue anchor in a yellow circle - narrow label $5.00 (003grape34)

Statue California Bartletts - Statue of Liberty and blue anchor in a yellow circle - narrow label $5.00 (003grape35)

Sutter-Buttes -Rolling hills and blue anchor in a yellow circle - narrow label $5.00 (003grape36)

Swallow - Swallow flying over a vineyard - narrow label $5.00 (003grape37)

Table Treat Freedom Nectarines - Jolly King - narrow label $5.00 (003grape38)

Top Card California Bartletts - Ace of spades - narrow label $5.00 (003grape39)

Trade-Win - Blue & orange with sailing ship at full mast - narrow label $5.00 (003grape40)

Valley Beauty-Zinfandel. Wine bottle & glasses, woman. Narrow $5.00 (003grape41)

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