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Modern Factices - Perfume Display Bottles

Factices, large perfume display bottles, dot the perfume section of many large department stores. They are made in the same shape as the actual commercial perfume bottle, but approximately three or four times as large, and filled with liquid to approximate the color of the perfume. We were fortunate to acquire six different modern factices. They would be a wonderful addition to a perfume bottle collection or an advertising collection. We think they are marvelous just because of their wonderful design and size. Click on the picture for a larger view.

Lisson | Romeo Gigli | Ellen Tracey

Sharper Image | Moschino | Pavlova

Lisson 13.5" high x 11" wide (Stock number 002facticeA) SOLD

Romeo Gigli 17" high x 14" wide (Stock number 002facticeB) SOLD

Ellen Tracey 11" high x 8.5" wide (Stock number 002facticeC) $100.00 SOLD

Sharper Image Cobalt Blue Glass 12" high x 7" wide (Stock number 002facticeD) SOLD

Moschino 15.5" high, 4" diameter at base. Small amount of plate loss on cap. (Stock number 002facticeE) $75.00 SOLD

Pavlova 12" high x 6" wide (Stock number 002facticeF) SOLD

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