Historical Glass

These pieces are available as individually priced and in the entirety for $2,750. References to L numbers are to Bessie Lindsey, American Historical Glass, Rutland VT 1967 the standard reference work in this area.

Rear 21200028

Garfield Portrait Bust, frosted glass, 6 1/2" high, raised "JAMES A. GARFIELD" on front of base. Mint condition. L-304 as probably a memorial item (after 1881) (Stock number 21200024) $300.00 SOLD

Lincoln Portrait Bust, frosted glass, 4 3/4" high, raised "A. LINCOLN" on front of base, "CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION" (1896) and "GILLANDER & SONS " on back. Near Mint condition with chip on rear corner of base. L-277 "A rare and desirable item". (Stock number 21200022) $425.00 SOLD

Washington Portrait Bust, milk glass, 6"high, raised "WASHINGTON" on the front of base, "CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION" (1876) and "GILLANDER & SONS INC" on back. Mint condition. Illustrated and described in Lindsey L-259 as "Rare" (Stock number 21200021) $450.00 SOLD

Standing Woman Holding Child (Virgin and Christ Child?), 14 1/2" high, raised mark (G with underlined S inside a U) possibly indicating Gillander division of United States Glass Co. 1891-1900) on back of base. Mint condition. Very rare. Not in Lindsey (Stock number 21200028) $850.00 SOLD


Columbus Portrait Bust, frosted glass, 5 1/4" high, raised "WORLD'S FAIR" and "1893" on back of base. Good condition (chip on hair and chips on edge of chest) L-6 after the painting by Lotto. (Stock number 21200026) $275.00 SOLD

Grant Portrait Bust, milk glass, 6" high, raised "U.S. GRANT" on front of base, "GILLANDER & SONS" on back. Near mint condition (small chips on bottom and rear edge of base) Very rare (not in Lindsey) (Stock number 21200023) $525.00 SOLD

Harrison Portrait Bust, frosted glass, 6" high. Near mint condition (tiny bruise marks on top of head) L-328 as possibly a campaign item of 1888 or 1892 or a memorial piece. (Stock number 21200025) $250.00 SOLD

Shakespeare Portrait Bust, frosted glass 4 3/4" high, raised "GILLANDER & SONS" and "CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION" (1876) on back of base. Mint condition. L-405 (Stock number 21200027) $275.00 SOLD

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