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Orrefors Artist Signed Glass Candlesticks

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Frosty white Orrefors candlesticks designed by Anne Nilsson are crisp, cool and elegant. The taller one measures 13" tall, the shorter one measures 11.75" tall. Both feature a clear base and cup.

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The picture does not capture the festive elegance of these contemporary Orrefors candlesticks. Both were designed by Anne Nilsson and are artist signed on the base. The taller one measures 14.5" and features silver polka dots on a royal blue background with clear base and cup. The royal blue and silver striped piece is 13" tall and also has a clear base and cup. What a dramatic statement these candlesticks would make either as a single piece, as a complementary pair or as part of a grouping with more traditional candlesticks!

Stock number 002Orrefors1 SOLD

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