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Bakelite Baubles, Bangles & Beads

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Nicely carved green bakelite bracelet. .5" wide; 2.75" diameter (Stock number 002b207) $40.00

This pair of dress clips in green bakelite features a deeply carved leaf motif. 1 3/4" long x 3/4" wide. (Stock number 002c202c) $55.00

This funky dress clip can be worn vertically as well as horizontally. A red bakelite lozenge sits on top of a translucent yellow bakelite bar flecked with gold. 2" long x 3/4" wide. (Stock number 002c202b) $50.00

These triangular incised green bakelite clips will provide a pleasing accent on a dress or jacket. Equilateral triangles with 1 1/4" sides. (Stock number 002c202a) $55.00

Pair of mustard color bakelite bangle bracelets. Flat on one surface, curved on the other. Together .75" wide; 2.75" diameter (Stock number 002b115) $35.00

Fun to wear! Try our sculpted orange bakelite ring. 5/8" opening. 1 1/4" long. (Stock number 002r202a) $50.00

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