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"Crash" Recycled Aluminum Can Watches

A small selection of Crash Innovative Recycling Watches, The bezels are made using recycled aluminum cans, Case is PET. Swiss movement. Battery operated. Water Resistant. Funky designs. Limited quantities. $29.99 each. Originally sold at $90.00 SOLD OUT

002cr001 | 002cr002 | 002cr003 | 002cr004 | 002cr005| 002cr006

Recycled Heiniken Beer Can (Stock number 002cr001) Click to view SOLD

Fruity watch. Are they plums or olives or currants? You be the judge. (Stock number 002cr002) Click to view SOLD

Recycled Beverage Can. Red and white with script brand. Is it a cola? (Stock number 002cr003) Click to view SOLD

Blue and Gold. (Stock number 002cr004) Click to view SOLD

Silver colored bezel with mirrored face (Stock number 002cr005) Click to view SOLD

Orange Blue and White bexel with yellow face. (Stock number 002cr006) Click to view SOLD

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