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Necklaces by Napier

This selection of necklaces by Napier are marked and are in excellent condition. Click on the small picture to view a detailed image of the necklace.

Heavy gold toned necklace in which textured figure "8" shaped links alternate with polished diamond shaped links to create a dramatic focal point. Approx. 17" long. $25.00 (Stock number 002nap6)

Gold tone necklace with mother-of-pearl-like inserts creates a sleek contemporary piece. Approx. 18" long. $25.00 (Stock number 002nap5)

Pink and gold tone beads flank the central curlicue design of gold rimmed pink inserts. Approx. 18" long. $20.00 (Stock number 002nap3)

Heavy gold toned multi-strand rope necklace. Polished and beaded strands make this an unusually dramatic piece. Approx. 20" long. $25.00 (Stock number 002nap7)

Elongated black beads alternate with gold beads and faux pearls to make this simple design a wardrobe staple. Approx. 31" long. $15.00 (Stock number 002nap2)

The ultimate in necklace simplicity - uniform gold tone beads. Adjustable length 14"-16" long. $15.00 (Stock number 002nap4)

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