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Trifari Earrings

All earrings are marked Trifari © and are in excellent condition.
Double silver toned triangles - large green stone, smaller blue stone clip earrings. 1.5" long. (Stock number 002e0821a) $15.00
Classic oval etched creme colored clip earrings in textured gold setting. 1.25" x .75" (Stock number 002e0821b) $15.00
Silvertone flower clip earrings. .75" diameter. (Stock number 002e0821c) $15.00
Classic oval etched creme colored clip earrings in textured gold setting with small bow. .75" x .5" (Stock number 002e0821d) $15.00
Purple and pink beaded clip earrings. 1.5" long (Stock number 002e0821e) $15.00
White metal flower clip earrings. 1.5" diameter. (Stock number 002e0821f) $15.00
Gold metal textured drop clip earrings. 1.5" long. (Stock number 002e0821m) $15.00
White plastic clip earrings in a gold tone setting. 1" diameter. (Stock number 002e0821h) $15.00
Gold tone clip-on hoop earrings. .75" diameter. (Stock number 002e0821j) $15.00
Tortoise shell colored and gold tone bead clip earrings. 2" long. (Stock number 002e0821k) $15.00
Iridescent pink and pearl clip earrings. (Stock number 002e0301a) $15.00
Wagon wheel clip earrings in gold tones. (Stock number 002e0207g) $15.00
Polished gold clip earrings in a stylized leaf shape. (Stock number 002e0207b) $15.00
Large white pearlized stone surrounded by eight faux pearls in a silvertone setting with clip. (Stock number 002e0301c) $15.00
Pale lavender button clip earring. (Stock number 002e0301d) $15.00
Clip earrings with large blue pearlized stone in a silvertone setting. (Stock number 002e0301e) $15.00
Amber, gold and pearl cluster clip earrings. (Stock number 002e0301f) $15.00
Pale blue crystal drop clip earrings. (Stock number 002e0301b) $15.00
Tassel shaped gold tone clip earrings. (Stock number 002e0207e) $15.00
Large white triangles hand from an inverted gold tone triangle. (Stock number 002e0301g) $15.00

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