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Collectible Eggbeaters in Glass Bowls

Residents of MA Must Add 5% Sales Tax. American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover accepted. See descriptions for eggbeater lengths.

Eggbeater sets are self contained units that are designed to fit together and work harmoniously. Although they are too small to be very useful for whipping up cake batter or custards they are very handy for modest sized omelets or whipped cream. We have chosen a small number for sale. Their selection was based primarily on their interesting design and appearance. Some have no manufacturer's markings of any kind. Measurements are approximate.

A&J green glass bowl with aqua and white knob style wooden handle on beater. Standard 2 cup bowl is decorated with acorn like designs and stands 4" tall, overall height 11". Marked A&J, Made in USA on wheel. Some rust on wheel, paint rubbed on wooden handle. (Stock Number 002glassegg09) $65.00

Chicago Precision Products Corp. Chicago, Ills. Pat. Apld. marked on beater. Clear glass bowl has a red wooden knob that turns horizontally. 2 cup bowl, overall height 5". Pockmarked plate, small loss of plate on top. (Stock Number 002glassegg10) $65.00

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