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Prof. Alba Magic Posters

Professor Alba was a famed Spanish magician of the 1930's. The posters announcing his appearance are characterized by bold, bright and eye-catching graphics. We offer two 100% old and original Prof. Alba posters. Printed in the bottom border of each poster is "Graficas Valencia." One depicts the professor with a skeleton and the other features Yu Li San, Professor Alba's Medium and Magic Assistant. Both are in VG-Fine condition. They have been rolled and then slightly crushed. Framing and matting should remedy the problems.

Prof. Alba posed with a Skeleton - El Hombre que Juega con la Muerte translates to "The Man Who Toys With the Dead." It measures 13" wide x 27" tall. Click to see area of paper loss We have the pieces of paper that have torn off. Small nibble on upper left margin. Edges of poster are crumpled and piece has been rolled and slightly crushed. (Stock Number 003Alba1) $150.00 SOLD

Yu Li San - Enigmatica "Medium" del Profesor Alba translates to "Yu Li San - Professor Alba's Enigmatic Medium. It measures 22" wide x 24" tall. (Stock Number 003Alba2) $150.00 SOLD

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