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J.F. Wylie's Circus - English Circus Posters

We only infrequently see this English ephemera here in the states. We have been fortunate enough to obtain these broadsides and posters for J.F. Wylie's Circus. Based on references in the poster we date these to late 19th or early 20th century.

Happy Family Miniature Circus. Stud of the smallest Ponies and Donkeys in the world. Herd of Goats, Flock of Beautiful Coloured sheep. Clever Dogs. Comical Clowns ... Also his "Happy Family" of Birds and Animals for which at manchester in 1886, the Owner was awarded the highest Certificate of Merit... Approx. 14" x 20". Some tears at fold lines. and edge nicks. (Stock number 003cp1118a) $85.00 SOLD

J. F Wylie's Circus of Happy Family Fame.. Broadside poster. Approx. .11.5"w x 34.5" h Paper loss at center fold, particularly at the right (Stock Number 003cp1118b) $55.00 SOLD

Miniature Circus (of the Famous Happy Family). Broadside poster. Approx. .11.5"w x 34.5" h Tears at center fold, nicks at edge. (Stock Number 003cp1118c) $75.00 SOLD

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