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Chinese Posters

When Mao Tse-tung launched the Cultural Revolution in 1966 he sought to refocus the country on its communist ideals as well as discredit and eliminate reformist rivals. Hundreds of thousands of posters were distributed as part of an extensive propaganda campaign. Elements of traditional Chinese painting were combined with elements of social realism. The posters proclaim the glory of the People's Republic of China, extol the communal way of life, idealize Chinese youth, laud the preeminence of ballet, theatre and athletics and praise above all the thoughts of Chairman Mao. We have acquired a small selection of posters that we believe date to the period of Cultural Revolution (1966-69). The images are colorful and striking. Most of the posters have some edge damage due to the poor paper quality, but all images are intact. They all measure approximately 21"wide x 30" high

003chp4 | 003chp5 | 003chp2 | 003chp3

Chairman Mao Creases, rough edges. $125.00 (Stock #003chp4)

Distinguished older gentleman in foreground with three outline figures behind. Lower half of right side folded and ragged. Upper left edge rough. (Stock #003chp5) SOLD

Determined young female soldier in foreground with young woman holding a lantern against the background of the red flag above. Small tear on top edge, ragged edge at right upper top and lower bottom, left edge rough and rip on bottom edge. (Stock #003chp2)SOLD

Solemn young male soldier. Some wrinkling along edge. (Stock #003chp3) SOLD

003chp1 | 003chp6 | 003chp8 | 003chp7

Mao among the children and peasants. Some roughness upper left edge. (Stock #003chp1) SOLD

Figures in a grouping reminiscent of Chinese opera prepared to face the enemy. Small tear on left edge. (Stock #003chp6) SOLD

A chart of gymnastic poses and positions with happy looking children at the top. Fold lower right corner. (Stock #003chp8) SOLD

Scenes from various ballet productions. Upper right corner ripped. (Stock #003chp7) SOLD

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