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Cuban Posters

On January 1, 1959 Cuba, the island nation a mere 90 miles off the Florida coast, launched an armed revolt that lead to the overthrow of U. S. backed Fulgencio Batista. Fidel Castro, the architect of The Cuban Revolution, implemented Marxist social and economic policies. The United States retaliated by imposing an embargo on Cuba. As a result, we have had limited contact and very limited knowledge of life in Cuba. The success of the "Buena Vista Social Club" CD is testament to the continuing interest in Cuban culture in spite of the restrictions on travel and contact. Cuba has always had a rich visual culture as well as a musical one. Posters from the early part of the 20th century advertised tourism as well as cultural events. After the revolution, posters became an important means of establishing and promulgating the new political ideology. We have acquired a small quantity of genuine Cuban posters spanning 40 years. Most promote cultural events although several do have a political theme. Several have the imprimateur of the Organization of Solidarity with the People from Africa, Asia and Latin America abbreviated as OSPAAAL. This Cuban political movement founded in 1966 had as its stated purpose to fight globalization, imperialism, neoliberalism and defend human rights. The posters were not intended to be displayed in Cuba, but were instead folded up and stapled into copies of Tricontinental, so that they could be distributed internationally.

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No to Militarism and Hunger (OSPAAAL) (No date) 17.75" w. x 27.75" h. Paper loss on upper and lower left corners. Signs of water damp. (Stock number 003Cuba01) $40.00

Por Las Malvinas (The Falklands) Lyrics to a poem - Martin Fierro's advice to his sons. (c. 1980's) Designed by Morante. (OSPAAAL) 20" w. x 28" h. Corner nibbles and folds, edge tears and roughness. Stains. (Stock number 003Cuba02) $40.00

Stop Yankee Attacks on Nicaragua (OSPAAAL) (c. 1980's) Designed by Alberto Blanco. 19" w. x 27" h. Slight corner weakness. (Stock number 003Cuba03) $45.00

003Cuba05 | 003Cuba06 | 003Cuba07

Julieta de los Espiritus (Juliet of the Spirits) (Movie) Italian-French co-production in color. Director: Federico Fellini. With Giulletta Masina, Sandra Milo, Mario Pisu. (1967) (Silkscreen) 20" w. x 29.75" h. Edge roughness, some foxing. (Stock number 003Cuba05) $45.00

Waterloo Italian-Soviet co-production in color and cinemascope. (Movie) Director: Serguei Bondarchuk. With: Rod Steiger - Christopher Plummer. (1973) Designed by Dimas. (Silkscreen) 20" w. x 29.75" h. Corner nibble, edge roughness, small hole. Image not damaged. (Stock number 003Cuba06) $40.00

Espiral - Cuban Documentary Sobre Alicia Alonso. Director: Miriam Talavera. (Movie) (No date) (Silkscreen) 20" w. x 29.5" h. Edge roughness, some foxing, folds and creases. (Stock number 003Cuba07) $45.00

003Cuba08 | 003Cuba09

Elpidio Valdes Contra La Policia de Nueva York (Elpidio Valdes vs. New York Police) Color Cuban animation. Director: Juan Padron. Designed by Juan Padron. (No date) (Silkscreen) 20" w. x 29.75" h. Weak corners, edge roughness, small folds and stains. (Stock number 003Cuba08) $50.00

18th International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema. (Signed in plate) (1996) 18.75" w. x 24.75" h. Lower left and right corners creased. (Stock number 003Cuba09) $40.00

Giron - 30th Anniversary - Socialism or Death (OSPAAAL) (1991) The failed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 landed at a beach called La Playa Giron. That is the geographic reference used by official Cuba to designate the incident. We assume this poster commemorates that event. Designed, signed and dated in pencil lower right by Eladio Rivadulla, 1991. 20" w. x 27.5" h. Slight edge roughness. Small tear archivally repaired. (Stock number 003Cuba04) SOLD

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