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Poster for Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Grateful Dead, Linn County and Brotherhood of Light Performing at Fillmore West

One of the classic posters of the psychedelic 60's is this grotesque image by Lee Conklin numbered BG144. The poster portrays a face composed of body parts and animals and mimics the Renaissance paintings in which faces were fabricated from vegetables and animals. Pieces such a this became immediately identified in the public's mind with The Grateful Dead and Bill Graham's Fillmore West. The San Francisco, CA venue was the showcase for counterculture rock acts of the day. This original poster measures 14.16" wide x 21.37" high. It is printed on light weight cardboard. Other than a few surface scratches and a weak lower right corner the poster is in excellent condition. (Stock number 003GratefulDead) $150.00 SOLD

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