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Japanese Travel Posters

We have acquired a small lot of posters from Japan promoting travel to various parts of the country. Despite its relatively small size Japan's many regions have distinctive architecture, crafts, cuisine, attractions and cultural events. Intercity travel by train is especially convenient and pleasant. Smaller airlines do provide service within the country as well. We believe the posters we are offering date from the 1950's. We have imperfect translations of the text but we believe these are most interesting for their colorful and well designed graphics.

Wonderfully colorful poster is encouraging Japanese tourists to visit Atsamushi (?) Hot Springs in The Tohhoku Region. 29" x 40" (Stock Number 003Japan04) (FF5) $80.00

The ceramic wares of well known Taji Mino Kilns in Nagoya are depicted in this poster. A young properly attired Japanese woman stands before an array of utilitarian and decorative pieces. 23" x 33" Rubbed on fold lines, corner folded. (Stock Number 003Japan01) (FF5) $80.00

Vivid photograph depicts men and women fishing in the very dramatic setting of Matsushima in Sendai. 28.5" x 40.6" Rubbed along fold lines. (Stock Number 003Japan03) (FF5) $75.00

Travel poster for Yahata City in Kyushu showing cable car and monumental statuary. 20.5" x 29" Rubbed along fold lines, small tears on fold lines at edges, tack holes in corners. (Stock Number 003Japan05) (FF5) $75.00

Strong graphics are employed to create interest in Nikko National Park in Misu Basho. 20.5" x 29.5" Very nice condition. (Stock Number 003Japan02) (FF5) $80.00 SOLD

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