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World War II Margie Posters

During WWII the U. S. Government Printing Office prepared a series of posters called Margie Posters. Each one depicted a typical American woman who had written a letter to her serviceman telling him that she was looking forward to his safe return. She urged her soldier to save some of his pay in one of several vehicles being offered so that they could resume their pre-war lives together. These women were keeping the home fires burning and assembly lines moving and doing their part as well to save for the future. Several different woman posed as Margies. They had fresh scrubbed faces, nicely coifed hair and a sense of reality and purpose that had probably not been there before the war. "Margie" was portrayed as homemaker, factory worker, farmer, or the girl next door. The series of posters was a recognition on the part of the government of the important role women could have in the war effort. All of them measure 16.75" wide x 22" high. They have the original fold in the middle and are in excellent condition. Click on the picture to see an enlarged image.

Residents of MA must add 5% sales Tax. American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card are accepted.

Margie Poster No. 10. and wherever you are - our hearts are with you. It's grand to hear that you are saving for the day when you'll come home to stay! Love, Margie. National Service Life Insurance, War Bonds, Soldier's Deposits, Class E Allotments of Pay, Personal Transfer Account. 17" x 22" (Stock number 003WWIIMarg10) $75.00

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