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Movie and Theatre Posters

Joseph Papp presents Chaplin. The most complete retrospective of his films ever presented in the U. S. Starts July 3, 1984 (Released by Kino International Corporation) The Public Theatre, 425 Lafayette Street, N.Y.C. 10003 (212) 598-7171. 25" x 38" Marked in the plate lower left Page Wood. 1984. Slight edge roughness and creases. (Stock number 003thpChaplin) $120.00

Click for larger image (Theater Poster) This American theater poster for "Jane - A Howling Success" we believe dates to the 1880's. The poster depicts a woman who appears to be in pain. This 20 x 28.5" piece was printed by the Strobridge Lith. Co., Cincinnati, N.Y. & London. It has the original fold lines, crumpled edges, wrinkling, creasing and some stains and soiling. Remains of a date banner at lower edge. (Stock number 003rmpJane) $100.00

Click for larger image (Movie Poster) Original Three Sheet for the 1952 Comedy "Feudin' Fools" starring The Bowery Boys. This is a 41" x 81" authentic, theater-used, three sheet movie poster for the 1952 Monogram Pictures release of "Feudin' Fools," starring Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, and the Bowery Boys. Directed by William Beaudine. Litho #44750. This poster comes in two separate pieces (usually, one piece is twice as large as the other piece), and will need to be re-attached before displaying. The overlap (where the two pieces join) is visible in the photo Some fold wear from repeated folding and misfolding.. Edge nicks and tears. (Stock number 003rmp006) $75.00

Click for larger image (Movie Poster) Original One Sheet for the 1966 Musical "Music City U.S.A." starring Country Music Stars This is a 27" x 41" authentic, theater-used, one sheet movie poster for the 1966 Gemini Pictures release of "Music City U.S.A.," starring Webb Pierce, Jean Shepherd, and Loretta Lynn. NSS# 66/103.......NSS property info and/or production studio copyright info appears on the bottom border. Small area of paper loss at lower left border - does not affect image. (Stock Number 003rmp008) $50.00

Click for larger image (Movie Poster) Spoilers of the Forest. Rod Cameron, Veera Ralston, Ray Collins, Hillary Brooke, Edgar Buchanan. 1957. Edge creases and nicks, splits at the folds. Approx. 27" x 41" (Stock Number 003rmp1213a) $40.00

Click for larger image (Movie Poster) Francis of Assisi. Bradford Dillman, Dolores Hart, Stuart Whitman, Pedro Armendariz. 1961. Minor edge creases and nicks. approx. 27" x 41" (Stock Number 003rmp001) $40.00

Click for larger image (Movie Insert Poster) The Private War of Major Benson. Charlton Heston, Julie Adams, William Demerst, Tim Considine, Sal Mineo, Nana Bryant, Milburn Stone, Mary Field. 1955 Tear and minor paper loss on left and bottom left margin, soiling. VG. approx. 14" x 36" (Stock Number 003rmp009) $40.00

Click for larger image (Movie Poster) Dark Purpose. Shirley Jones, Rossano Brazzi, George Sanders, Georgia Moll. Micheline Presle. 1964 Tape reside at top, bottom and sides VG. approx. 27" x 41" (Stock Number 003rmp002) $40.00

Click for larger image (Movie Poster) Cry For Happy. Glenn Ford, Donald O'Connor, James Shigeta, Miiko Taka Miyoshi Umeki. 1961. Edge nicks VG. approx. 27" x 41" (Stock Number 003rmp003) $50.00

Click for larger image (Movie Poster) A Girl Named Tamiko. Laurence Harvey, France Nuyen, Martha Hyer, Gary Merrill, Michael Wilding, Miyoshi Umeki 1962. Some edge creasing VG-Fine approx. 27" x 41" (Stock Number 003rmp004) $50.00

Click for larger image (Movie Poster) Sullivan's Empire. Martin Milner, Clu Gulager, Karen Jensen, Linden Chiles, Don Quine. 1967 Edge creases and nicks. VG-Fine. approx. 27" x 41" (Stock Number 003rmp005) $40.00

Click for larger image (Movie Poster) One Sheet movie poster for the 1960 Warner Brothers Release of the classic biography drama, "Sunrise at Campobello," starring Ralph Bellamy as Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Greer Garson (in an Oscar Nominated Performance) as Eleanor Roosevelt. Directed by Vincent J. Donehue. NSS# 60/248.....1-2 pinhole towards each corner. Mild wrinkling here and there throughout. Slight staining and creasing along original folds. VG-Fine (Stock Number 003rmp006) $35.00

Click for larger image (Movie Poster) One Sheet movie poster for the 1962 MGM (USA) Release of the classic English made comedy, "Kill or Cure," starring Terry Thomas. Directed by George Pollock. Minor fold wear. Fine (Stock Number 003rmp007) $35.00

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