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Joe Palooka Equal Job Opportunity Poster

Joe Palooka, a comic strip character created by Ham Fisher in 1928, was a clean-cut, sweet and innocent guy given to uttering clichés about home, mother and fair play. He was also the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion in 1931. Joe Palooka was the most popular sports strip of all time thus insuring instant recognition and considerable influence. Joe became a spokescomic for the President's Committee on Government Contracts. "Joe Palooka says. . . Our Way of Life Means EQUAL JOB OPPORTUNITY for Everyone, Regardless of Race, Religion, Color or National Origin." This poster, dated 1956, was printed on waxed cardboard and measures 22" wide x 28" high. It is discolored, has a few stains and numerous stable holes but is still an interesting piece. (3FO) (Stock Number 003Palooka) SOLD

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