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Russian 5 Year Plan Industrial Posters

We have obtained a group of Russian posters which we believe depict the projections of the five year plan from 1955-1960 for various industries. An image of the industry appears in the lower portion of the poster with a chart or graph representing the progress of that sector of the economy. The posters have been folded and show rubbing along the fold. In some cases they are split along the fold line. Otherwise they are in very nice condition. They all measure approximately 26.75" x 20.5" SOLD OUT

Energy production. (Stock number 003rp807A) $25.00 SOLD

Sand and gravel (?). (Stock number 003rp807D) $25.00 SOLD

Farming. (Stock number 003rp807F) $25.00 SOLD

Construction. (Stock number 003rp807I) $25.00 SOLD

Retailing. Large slit along center fold. (Stock number 003rp807J) $25.00 SOLD

Chemicals. Chunk of paper ripped out and taped in place left edge. (Stock number 003rp807K) $25.00 SOLD

Manufacturing (Concrete). (Stock number 003rp807E) $25.00 SOLD

Manufacture of military equipment. (Stock number 003rp807G) $25.00 SOLD

Textiles. (Stock number 003rp807H) $25.00 SOLD

Coal. (Stock number 003rp807C) $25.00 SOLD

Transportation (Railroads). (Stock number 003rp807B) $25.00 SOLD

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