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Russian Posters

We have acquired a small group of posters which proclaim the power and glory of the Soviet Union. The collection includes charming pictures of children hard at work in school, posters paying homage to Lenin, depictions of Soviet industrial prowess and portrayals of the United States as a nation of aggression. Condition and size vary. Unfortunately we were unable to translate these pieces. We believe many of them date to the late 1950's, the height of the Cold War, while others are dated 1984. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view. All measurements are approximate.

Great image of the USA as a giant spider dropping bombs. 1984. Creases from rolling. 19" x 25.75" (Stock number 003SU0110B) $85.00

Lenin, the heart and soul of Russian communism is portrayed as a strong and forward looking leader. 21.75" x 30.75" Light water staining, tear along top edge, tack holes, tape residue. (Stock number 003SU0110A) $85.00

An oft produced image of Russians happily at work in the service of their country. 1959. 26" x 46" Large tear along bottom edge, very rough edges, paper loss along margins. (Stock number 003SU0110D) $30.00

A man sleeps under a newspaper in what looks like a wheat field. Tack holes, small nicks along right edge. 13.5" x 20" (Stock number 003SU0110F) $45.00

Proclaiming the glory of Soviet industry. 1959. 25.75" x 42" Wrinkled edges(Stock number 003SU0110G) $45.00

A proud and determined woman forges ahead in spite of the efforts of the Russian Orthodox Church and others to hold her back. Tack holes. 13.5" x 20.5"(Stock number 003SU0110H) $50.00

We could not tell what this poster was trying to say. 1959. 34" x 22" Wrinkled.(Stock number 003SU0110I) $30.00

A strong graphic image of workers with impact drills tearing down the wall of Fascism. 1962. 33.25" x 22" Water stain at top, rough edges, holes in image. (Stock number 003SU0110J) $60.00

Children doing a lesson on the blackboard. 33" x 22.25" Edges quite rough, tack holes, tears on top and left edges. (Stock number 003SU0110K) $30.00

Three children busy at school. A girl pores over a book, another girl studies the fish tank and a young boy paints at an easel. 1959 22.25" x 17.25" (Stock number 003SU0110N) $30.00

A picture of a young boy and girl surrounded by images of the many activities available to them including singing, skiing, playing with a pet rabbit, and helping with household chores. 26" x 33" Left edge very rough and torn. (Stock number 003SU0110Q) $30.00

A young boy appears to be approaching an elderly man to own up to breaking a plate. A young girl looks on. 1959 22.25" x 17.25" Paper wrinkled, tack holes. (Stock number 003SU0110R) $30.00

Children receiving a commendation for their fine school work. 1959 22.25" x 17.25" (Stock number 003SU0110L) $30.00 SOLD

Three delightful children help with the chores. While one boy dries the dishes another peels a potato. The young girl is busy shining shoes. 1959. 22.25" x 17.25" (Stock number 003SU0110P) $30.00 SOLD

A girl and boy (with a Red Cross armband) in the classroom. 1959 22.25" x 17.25" Edges wrinkled. (Stock number 003SU0110M) $30.00 SOLD

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