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Russian Movie Posters

We have obtained a small group of Russian movie posters. Judging by the markings on the lower edge of each poster we believe these motion pictures were released in the Soviet Union in the 1970's. Unfortunately no one here can read the Cyrillic letters so were are unable to translate the titles of these films. Disclaimer: we have given names or descriptions of the posters that most likely bear no resemblance to the title or subject of the film. We ask your forbearance. Some of the posters are reminiscent of American style poster art, while others are strictly in the Eastern European genre. They vary in size. All measurements are approximate. They are in very nice condition considering the poor quality of the paper. There are some small nicks, tears or roughness along the edges, but there are no significant problems.

The only movie poster we have ever seen with a bumper car. 21.5" x 34" (Stock number 003rmp0929J) $30.00

Black and red soldier on duty 16" x 23" (Stock number 003rmp0929B) $25.00

Woman at desk, boy listening to radio (Ben Shahn style graphics) 19" x 26.75" (Stock number 003rmp0929C) $25.00

Moses meets the Last of the Mohicans (?) 32.5" x 21.75" (Stock number 003rmp0929D) $30.00 SOLD

Military officer with quill 18.5" x 14.25" (Stock number 003rmp0929E) $25.00

Cowboy on horse 16" x 22" (Stock number 003rmp0929F) $25.00

Old man, young boy, and horse on a ranch 16" x 22" (Stock number 003rmp0929G) $25.00

Folk style graphics of Cossacks (?) 16" x 22" (Stock number 003rmp0929H) $25.00

Black and white poster 16" x 22" (Stock number 003rmp0929K) $20.00

Wartime romance of a pilot and the woman he left behind 16" x 22" (Stock number 003rmp0929M) $25.00

Colorful poster with a Red Cross truck at top 26" x 17.5" (Stock number 003rmp0929N) $20.00

Political drama (image of Lenin) 41" x 25.75" (Stock number 003rmp0929P) $30.00

Nazi war movie 19" x 13" (Stock number 003rmp0929R) $30.00 SOLD

Soldier holding a small child (reminiscent of Ballad of a Soldier) 16" x 23" (Stock number 003rmp0929S) $20.00

Circus Bear 20.5" x 26" (Stock number 003rmp0929A) $30.00 SOLD

Costume drama with operatic setting 23" x 16.5" (Stock number 003rmp0929T) $20.00

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