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A Selection of World War II Posters Published by Seagram Distillers

A selection of scarce World War II Posters published by the House of Seagram as part of its contribution to the National Victory Effort. Each poster is approx. 21" x 27.25"

003wwii0410a | 003wwii0410b

Look Who's Listening. Pictures less than flattering images of Tojo Hitler and Mussollini. Overall fine condition. (Stock number 003wwii0410a) SOLD

Starve Him with Silence. Pictures Nazi Rat attempting to at war secrets.. Overall fine condition. (Stock number 003wwii0410b) SOLD

003wwii0410c | 003wwii0410d

Free Speech Doesn't Mean Careless Talk!. Pictures parrot. Overall fine condition. (Stock number 003wwii0410c) SOLD

Loose Lips Might Sink Ships. Pictures sinking warship. (Stock number 003wwii0410d) SOLD

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