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Broadway Theatre Window Posters

Traditionally a new play would have a series of out-of-town tryouts. Presenting the play in Boston and New Haven gave the producers and director an opportunity to fine tune the production. Dialogue, staging, musical numbers, sets and costumes were amended during these last few weeks before the Broadway opening. Cast members were added and dropped. If a play became a hit road companies were formed in order to give audiences west of the Hudson River an opportunity to see live theater. We are offering a small collection of Broadway theater lobby cards. Some are from the tryouts, others are from the road company, others from the Broadway run. We have tried where possible to identify these. We have also included the date the play opened on Broadway. They all measure 14" wide x 22" high and are in excellent condition. Click on image to see enlarged view.

Agnes of God. Music Box Theatre. Elizabeth Ashley, Geraldine Page, Amanda Plummer. (Broadway cast) (1982-83) (Stock Number 003thp38) $50.00

Annie. Alvin Theatre.Andrea McArdle, Reid Shelton, Sandy Faison, Robert Fitch, Dorothy Loudon. (Broadway cast) (Opened 1977) (Stock Number 003thp40) $50.00

Cabaret. Shubert Theatre (New Haven). Signe Hasso, Leo Fuchs, David Rounds, Gene Rupert. (Road Company 12/23-12/31) (Opened 11/20/66) (Stock Number 003thp14) $50.00

Come Blow Your Horn. Shubert Theatre (New Haven) June Wilkinson, Sammy Jackson, Sylvia Sidney. (Road Company 4/7-4/12) (Opened 2/22/61) (Stock Number 003thp28) $50.00

A Delicate Balance. Shubert Theatre. Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn, Rosemary Murphy, Philip Bourneuf, Dortha Duckworth, Kathleen Maguire. (Road Company 2/27-3/06) (Opened 9/22/66) (Stock Number 003thp15) $50.00

The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. Shubert Theatre (New Haven). Teresa Wright. (Road Company 10/27-10/29) (Opened 12/28/69) (Stock Number 003thp01) $50.00

Ghosts. Brooks Atkinson Theatre. Liv Ullman, John Neville, Edwards Binns., Kevin Spacey, Jane Murray. (Broadway cast) (Opened 1982) (Stock Number 003thp41) $50.00

God's Favorite. Shubert Theatre. Vincent Gardenia, Charles Nelson Reilly, Maria Karnilova. (Tryout 11/16/74-11/30/74) (Opened 12/11/74) (Stock Number 003thp16) SOLD

Grease. Shubert Theatre (New Haven) (Road Company 1/22/73-1/27/73) (Opened 3/14/72) (Stock Number 003thp02) $50.00

Jesus Christ Superstar. Shubert Theatre (New Haven) (Concert Presentation 09/28-10/03) (Stock Number 003thp30) $50.00

The Jockey Club Stakes. Shubert Theatre (New Haven) (Tryout 11/6/73-11/11/73) (Opened 1/24/73) Wilfred Hyde White, Robert Coote, Geoffrey Sumner, Joanna Rigby. (Stock Number 003thp17) $50.00

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Royale Theatre. (Original Broadway cast) 1982-83) (Stock Number 003thp39) $50.00

Last of the Red Hot Lovers. Shubert Theatre (New Haven). James Coco, Linda Lavin, Marcia Rodd, Doris Roberts. (Tryout 11/26-11/291) (Opened 12/28/69) (Stock Number 003thp37) $50.00 SOLD

Lovers. Music Box Theatre (Broadway original cast) Art Carney.9/17/68-11/30/68. 2" tear on lower edge. Fold across the poster. (Stock Number 003thp46) $50.00

Man of La Mancha. Shubert Theatre (New Haven). David Atkinson, Patricia Marand, Louis Criscuolo, Seymour Penzer, Ronn Carroll, Ian Sullivan. (Road Company 4/21-4/26) (Opened11/22/65) (Stock Number 003thp06) $50.00

More Stately Mansions. Broadhurst Theatre. (Broadway premiere) Ingrid Bergman, Arthur Hill, Colleen Dewhurst. 10/31/67-3/2/68. Fold across the poster. (Stock Number 003thp47) $50.00

No Sex, Please We're British. Shubert Theatre Broadway Poster. (Opened 2/20/73) Maureen O'Sullivan, Tony Tanner, Stephen Collins, J. J. Lewis, Ronald Drake, Leon Shaw, John Clarkson. (Stock Number 003thp18) $50.00

Nureyev and The Boston Ballet - Don Quixote. (Stock Number 003thp378) $50.00

The Odd Couple. Shubert Theatre (New Haven) (Road Company 4/18-4/22) (Opened 3/10/65) Lyle Talbot, Harvey Stone. (Stock Number 003thp19) $50.00

The Odd Couple. Shubert Theatre (New Haven) (Road Company 10/30-11/06) (Opened 3/10/65) Dana Andrews, Robert Q. Lewis. (Stock Number 003thp31) $50.00

Pacific Overtures. Promenade Theatre (Broadway revival) (Stock Number 003thp44) $50.00

The Pirates of Penzance. Minskoff Theatre (Broadway original cast) Opened at Uris Theater 1/8/81 and moved to Minskoff Theater 8/9/81. Poster is by Paul Davis. (Stock Number 003thp45) $50.00

The Price - A Play by Arthur Miller. Shubert Theatre (New Haven) (Road company 9/24-9/30) (Stock Number 003thp33) $50.00

Prisoner of Second Avenue. Shubert Theatre (New Haven) (Tryout 10/9-10/16) (Opened 11/11/71) Peter Falk, Lee Grant, Vincent Gardenia, Florence Stanley, Nancy Pollock, Lillian Roth. (Stock Number 003thp22) $50.00 SOLD

Prisoner of Second Avenue. Shubert Theatre (New Haven) (Road company 12/10-12/15) (Opened11/11/71) Imogene Coca, King Donovan. (Stock Number 003thp23) $50.00

Something Different. Shubert Theatre (New Haven) (Tryout 10/21/67-10/28/67) (Opened 11/20/67) Bob Dishy, Gabriel Dell, Linda Lavin, Maureen Arthur, Helena Carroll, Victoria Zussin, Claudia McNeil. (Stock Number 003thp24) $50.00

The Star Spangled Girl. Shubert Theatre (New Haven). (Tryout 11/15/66-11/19/66) (Opened 12/21/66) Anthony Perkins, Connie Stevens, Richard Benjamin. (Stock Number 003thp10) $50.00 SOLD

The Sunshine Boys. Shubert Theatre (New Haven). (Tryout 11/18/72-11/25/72) (Opened 12/20/72) Jack Albertson, Sam Levene. (Stock Number 003thp34) $50.00

This Was Burlesque. Shubert Theatre (New Haven) (Tryout 11/25/65-11/30/65) (Limited engagement 3/16/65-6/6/65) Ann Corio, Jerry Lester. (Stock Number 003thp25) $50.00

UTBU. Helen Hayes Theatre. (Original Broadway cast) Tony Randall, Thelma Ritter, Alan Webb. (Opened 1966) (Stock Number 003thp42) $50.00

The Weekend. Shubert Theatre (New Haven). (Tryout 2/14/68-2/17/68) (Opened 3/13/68) John Forsythe, Rosemary Murphy, Kim Hunter. (Stock Number 003thp35) $50.00

Anatomy of Burlesque. (Not a Broadway Show) Shubert Theatre (New Haven) Sally Rand. (Performances 9/12-9/16) (Stock Number 003thp27) $50.00

Pinocchio. Shubert Theatre (New Haven). Broadway musical for children. 102 life sized marionettes. (12/3-12/8) (Stock Number 003thp36) $50.00

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