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Tom Mix Safety Poster

Tom Mix (1880-1940) was the greatest Western film star of the silent era. He led the life of the rugged outdoorsman. He enlisted in the Army at the outbreak of the Spanish American War, participated in wild west shows, served as sheriff and marshall and ultimately found his way into movies. He made hundreds of films; silent shorts, silent features, and talkies. In 1933 the Tom Mix radio program originated on NBC with Ralston cereal as the exclusive sponsor. Ralston offered hundreds of Tom Mix premiums. There were also pulp magazines, comic books, badges and many other give-aways. Tom Mix remained an influential figure even after his death. The radio show continued into the early 1950's as did the comics and books. The Tom Mix poster we are offering was published in 1947 and asks "Can you find your unseen Enemy? Look . . . for the hidden face of carelessness in each picture." Listen to Tom Mix Safety Story - Monday through Friday - Sept. 22-26 5:45 PM. Green Cross for Safety. Printed on paper, measures 17" wide x 22" high. Original folds, excellent condition. (Stock number 003TomMix) $100.00

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