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1960's Magazine Advertising Window Cards

In the 1960's most people picked up a copy of the daily newspaper at a newsstand, candy store, or luncheonette on their way to work. Women would generally pick up a copy of their favorite magazine at the check-out counter of the supermarket or the corner grocery store. As a way of reminding readers that the latest issue was available the store owner was supplied with window cards. These cardboard signs showed the cover of the current copy and were displayed either in the window or somewhere inside the store itself. We have a small selection of window cards from the Saturday Evening Post and Ladies' Home Journal which all picture well known actors, celebrities or politicians. They remind us of those luminaries we were most anxious to read about in the popular magazines of the day. They all measure 10" wide x 12.5" high. They are in reasonably nice condition although some have stains and light soiling. Condition is noted.


003LHJ0163 | 003LHJ1262

Cary Grant tells his own romantic life story in Winter Ladies' Home Journal - January 1963 Soiled along left edge. (Stock number 003LHJ0163) $25.00

Hayley Mills The World's Favorite Teen-ager This month in Winter Ladies' Home Journal - December 1962 Stain on right side, soiled along lower edge. (Stock number 003LHJ1262) $25.00


003SEP061662 | 003SEP033063 | 003SEP022462

The Mutiny of Marlon Brando This week in The Saturday Evening Post - June 16, 1962. Soiling along right edge, also a small nibble. (Stock number 003SEP061662) $25.00

Dick Chamberlain N.B.C. - TV's Dr. Kildare - The Saturday Evening Post - March 30, 1963 Water stain lower left corner. (Stock number 003SEP033063) $25.00

Fred MacMurray's Own Story - in this week's Saturday Evening Post - February 24, 1962. Light soiling. (Stock number 003SEP022462) $25.00

003SEP032363 | 003SEP111062

Jane Fonda - A Troubled Star in this week's Saturday Evening Post - March 23, 1963 (Stock number 003SEP032363) Light water stain along lower edge. $25.00

Profile of Hugh Downs Host of The "Today" Show N.B.C.-TV - The Saturday Evening Post - November 10, 1962. Light soiling. (Stock number 003SEP111062) $25.00

003SEP120961 | 003SEP120862

Kennedy's Wartime Experiences "PT-109" This week in The Saturday Evening Post - December 9, 1961 Water stains on top edge. (Stock number 003SEP120961) $25.00

The White House in the Cuban Crisis - "We're eyeball to eyeball and I think the other fellow just blinked." An exclusive account of the historic showdown between Khrushchev and Kennedy By Stewart Alsop and Charles Bartlett. Also in This Issue: Complete Perry Mason Mystery by Erle Stanley Gardner - Special Recipes for Christmas. December 8, 1962 Stain on Khrushchev's head. (Stock number 003SEP120862) $25.00

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