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World War I/Liberty Loan Ad Slicks

We have acquired several pages from a selection of ad proofs for World War I advertising posters. Each poster has a line at the bottom that reads "This advertisement is endorsed and paid for by __________as a part of their efforts to fight this war to a prompt and victorious conclusion." We assume that the advertisements could be ordered by number and the supporter would have his organization's name inserted in the ad. They were designed to encourage the purchase of Liberty Bonds and were sponsored by the Liberty Loan Committee of New England. The pages are double sided. We show both sides. 15" x 21.5" They have all been lightly folded in half and have other defects such as edge tears, small amounts of paper loss, and corner nibbles. Click on the image to see an enlarged picture.

Lend Your Eagles for Liberty/Are You a Good Neighbor? (Stock number 003WWIad1) $50.00

The Power Behind the Tank is America's determination to see it through/Smash the Boches! (Stock number 003WWIad2) $50.00

God Bless That Boy!/Columbus Day October 12th (Stock number 003WWIad3) $50.00

Your Country's Flags - Proclaim your Loyal Service/With Rifles and Bayonets Set!, How much would the Kaiser Tax your Business?, Full Steam Ahead!, The Trench and Listening Post (Stock number 003WWIad4) $50.00

Fight Like the Wrath of Almighty God/On They Go! Do Your Part!, Mighty Unpleasant Work, this--, Every Day These Boys are Doing This for Us!, Every Patriot Thrilled! (Stock number 003WWIad5) $50.00

Whose Fight?/"Yanks" by Wilbur D. Nesbit (Stock number 003WWIad6) $50.00

Dollars that Fight/For the Sake of Our Faith in Democracy (Stock number 003WWIad7) $50.00

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