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Clewell Arts & Crafts Metallic Pottery Bowl

Charles Walter Clewell, a metal worker, developed a technique for plating ceramic pieces. A thin layer of copper or bronze treated with an oxidizing agent was applied to the vessel. As a result of natural deterioration the surface acquired a beautiful metallic patina. He began producing these metal clad pieces in his Akron, Ohio workshop in 1906 using undecorated stock pieces from Weller, Owens and Cambridge potteries. When he died in 1965 he took his secret process to the grave. The design of the pieces is classic Arts and Crafts. We were delighted to find this rare piece of Clewell. It appears to have been made with copper panels and rivets. To our mind it represents a truly innovative approach to pottery and a fine example of early 20th century craftsmanship. The piece is marked Clewell, Canton, O. Click to see mark It measures 1.75" in height with a diameter of 4". It is in excellent condition. (Stock number 002pt0316a) $600.00

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