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Dedham Pottery Rabbit Plates

Dedham Pottery can be readily identified by its crackle glaze and cobalt blue hand painted designs. The rabbit pattern, one of a dozen standard designs, was chosen as the logo for Dedham Pottery (formerly the Chelsea Keramic Works). Today it is the most recognizable and popular Dedham pattern.


Chelsea Keramic Art Works Pottery Rabbit Plate - 8.75" Early Rabbit plate was made by the Chelsea Keramic Art Works (predecessor to Dedham Pottery) sometime between 1880 and 1889 when the factory closed. It is marked with an impressed "CPUS" in a four leaf clover. There is a small nick on the back of the plate and a small hairline running from the crack toward the center of the plate. Click to see back of plate The four leaf clover impression is just visible to the left of the hairline in the center part of the plate. (Stock number 002pt0410a) $275.00

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