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Lenox Seashell Boxes

For its "Treasures of the Sea" series Lenox has produced incredibly realistic boxes in the form of sea creatures. Easily mistaken for the real thing, these charming porcelain pieces open to reveal a small tray for pins, earrings, or other delicate hideaways.

Sea Urchin | Strawberry Top

Crown Whelk

Fan Scallop | Nautilus

Sea Urchin 3" diameter, 2" high (Stock number 002pt606b) $30.00 SOLD

Strawberry Top 3" wide, 1.75" high (Stock number 002pt606a) $30.00 SOLD

Crown Whelk 5" wide, 2" high (Stock number 002pt606c) $30.00 SOLD

Fan Scallop 4" wide, 1.5" high (Stock number 002pt606d) $30.00 SOLD

Nautilus 3.5" wide, 2.5" high (Stock number 002pt606e) $30.00 SOLD

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