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Owens Pottery Company, Zanesville, OH

Founded by John Bartle Owens II (born 1859, Roseville, OH). By 1885 he was making pottery in Roseville then he built a stoneware factory in Zanesville. J.B. Owens Pottery Co. made art pottery from 1896 until 1910. Owens employed many well known potters and artists including:

Owens manufactured high quality pottery with a unique glaze for each line.

Their lines included:

Aborigine, Alpine, American Awaja Ware. Aqua Verde, Art Nouveau, Art Vellum, Brushmodel Lotus, Corona, Corona Animals, Corona Green, Creamware,Cyrano, Delft, Embossed Louts, Feroza Faience, Gunmetal, Henri Deux, Jasper Art, Jeweled, Korina, Lightweight, Lotus, Matte Green, Matt Utopian, Metal Deposit, Monchrome Art, Multi-color Blends, Mission, Old Copper, Onyx, Opalesce, Opalesce Inlaid, Opalesce Utopian, Oriental, Parchment Lotus, Persian. Poster, Rainbow Bronze, Red Flame, Rustic, Semiglazed Etched, Soudanese, Sunburst, Sylvan Green,, Transfer, Utopian, Venetian, Wedgewood Jasper.

For a more detailed description of each line and artist signatures refer to Collector's Guide to Owens Potterty by Frank L. Hahn. Golden Era Publications. 1996. Available through the-forum Online Antique Reference Bookstore.


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