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Vernon Kilns Souvenir Plates

Residents of MA must add 5% sales tax. VISA, Mastercard, American Express & Discover Card accepted.

Arizona State Capital in Center - Maroon (Stock number 005vk0914a) $25.00

Arkansas -Brown State Capital in Center $25.00 (Stock number 005vk019)

Boston, MA -Brown (Filene's) $25.00 (Stock number 005vk0203a) $25.00

California State Capital in Center - Blue (Stock number 005vk0323b) $25.00

Carlsbad Caverns - Brown - White's City New Mexico (Made for White City Curio) $25.00 (Stock number 005vk1123a)

Carlsbad Caverns -Maroon - Carlsbad Supply Co. (Stock number 005vk0323e) $25.00

Chicago - Clock in Center - Blue (Marshall Field) $25.00 (Stock number 005vk0914b) SOLD

Charleston, SC- Maroon - America's Most Historical City (Adams & Orimann) $25.00 (Stock number 005vk020)

Connecticut. Aviation industry, Harkness Tower - Yale University, State Capitol, Great Elm, Fishing, Marine Museum. Blue. (Stock number 005vk020304a) $25.00 SOLD

Florida. The Sunshine State. State Capital in Center - Brown (Stock number 005vk0323a) $25.00

Florida. The Sunshine State. State Capital in Center - Blue (Stock number 005vk0323k) $25.00

Fort McHenry - Baltimore, Maryland. The Stars and Stripes flying over the Fort inspired Francis Scott Key to write "The Star Spangled Banner." - Red. $28.00 (Stock number 005vk0706c)

Illinois State Capital in Center - Maroon - (Made for A.C. McClurg & Co.) - $25.00 (Stock number 005vk022)

Indian Head White Mountains, New Hampshire Depiction's of Indian Head (now known as Old Man in the Mountain - Franconia Notch, NH), Observation Tower, English Village, and Shadow Lake - Blue - $25.00 (Stock number 005vk0706b)

Indianapolis Monument with "The Crossroads of America" in Center and racing cars around edge (Made for L.S. Ayres & Co.) - Maroon (Small chip on back) - $20 (Stock number 005vk024)

Iowa State Capital in Center - Maroon (Made for A.C. McClurg & Co.) - $25.00 (Stock number 005vk025)

Kentucky - State Capital in Center - Maroon - $25.00 (Stock number 005vk041)

Maine- The Pine Tree State. Fisherman in boat in center Pine cones around edges. Blue. (Stock number 005vk914a) $25.00

Maine- The Pine Tree State. Fisherman in boat in center Pine cones around edges. Maroon. (Stock number 005vk712a) $25.00

Maryland - Pictured are the State House, the Battle Monument, Johns Hopkins Hospital, John Paul Jones Chapel at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis - Brown. (Stock number 005vk0706g) $25.00

Massachusetts. Map plate of the state with Mayflowers along the rim of the plate - Maroon. (Stock number 005vk0706f) $25.00

Massachusetts. State Capital in Center. Blue. (Stock number 005vk1122a) $25.00 SOLD

Miami Florida. Dade Country Court House in Center. Brown. (Made expressly for Burdine's) (Stock number 005vk1008a) $25.00

Michigan State College - Beaumont Tower in Center, Physics Building, Berkey Hall, Agricultural Engineering Building, Macklin Stadium, Student Union Building, Spartan Statue, Jenison Gymnasium - Green. Copyright 1949. (Stock number 005vk0706h) $25.00

Montana - Capital in Center - Blue - $25.00 (Stock number 005vk1226a)

Picture Map of New Hampshire. Maroon (Stock number 003vk0531a) $25.00

New Mexico. Capital in Center - Maroon - $25.00 (Stock number 005vk030)

New Mexico Picture Map - Blue (Stock number 005vk0323g) $25.00

New Jersey Turnpike The George Washington and Delaware Memorial Bridges, the Lincoln Tunnel and several interchanges are pictured. The route of the Turnpike scrolls around the rim of the plate listing all the exits that existed when the road was built - Brown. Made expressly for Howard Johnson's New Jersey Turnpike Shops. (Stock number 005vk0706a) SOLD

New York - State Capital in Center, Niagara Falls, World's Greatest Metropolis, Fort Ticonderoga, Thousand Islands Bridge and more - Maroon $25.00 (Stock number 005vk0706d) SOLD

Oregon - State Capital in Center - Blue (Stock number 005vk33) $25.00

Pennsylvania - State Capital in Harrisburg in center, Gettysburg, Independence Hall, Steel Mill along the Monongahela, more - blue. (Stock number 005vk0706e) $25.00

Portsmouth Virginia Bicentennial. 1752-1952. brown. (Stock number 005vk0126) $25.00

Salt Lake City Utah - State Capital in Center- Brown $25.00 (Stock number 005vk034)

Seattle, WA- Maroon - Pioneer Square in Center, Mt. Rainier, University of Washington, Government Locks, George Washington Bridge. Made exclusively for MacDougall-Southwick. $25.00 (Stock number 005vk0825a)

Seattle, WA- Brown - Heart of the Evergreen Playground in the Pacific Northwest L.C. Smith building in Center $25.00 (Stock number 005vk040)

Silver Springs, Florida. - Blue (Stock number 005vk0323L) $25.00

South Carolina, Historical - Brown - $25.00 (Stock number 005vk035)

This is Vermont - Green Mountain State - Maple Sugaring in Center, Calvin Coolidge and Samuel de Champlain - Maroon $25.00 (Stock number 005vk036)

Famous Sites in Historic Virginia. Maroon. $25.00 (Stock number 005vk0615a)

Washington (State) - State Capital in Center - Brown $25.00 (Stock number 005vk037)

48th National Convention of the National Association of Postmasters of the United States, Boston, Massachusetts, October 12-16 1952. - Multicolored Plate showing the State House, Paul Revere House, Bunker Hill Monument, Custom House, Faneuil Hall, Kings Chapel. Click to view plate $45.00

General Douglas MacArthur -Blue $35 (Stock number 005vk039)

Will Rogers -Maroon $35 (Stock number 005vk012)

Our Presidential Gallery No. 2. Presidents from Washington to Eisenhower (center) - Maroon. (Stock number 005vk0323n) $25.00 SOLD

A.S. McCleary, McCleary Clinic and Hospital Excelsior Springs Missouri. - Maroon (Stock number 005vk0323O) $25.00

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