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Silver Maté Cup and Straw

Gourd maté cup with gold floral design silver collar. A gold wash accents some of the leaves. There are no markings. It stands 4" tall. Mate straw (infuser) is 7.75" long. It is marked "INDL Argentina." We believe the straw is silver with a gold wash. (Stock number 002mate0920a) $60.00

Exquisite embossed floral silver maté cup with gold accents rests on a three legged stand. Each leg has an embossed image of an angry face. We believe it is silver plate with a gold wash. It is marked 103257. It stands 4.5" tall. Mate straw (infuser) is 8.25" long. It is marked 800 (silver) Argentina Industria and 102386. The tip is marked 18k. (Stock number 002mate0122a) SOLD

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