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An Eclectic Assortment of Sterling Silver Flatware

A variety of sterling specialty and serving pieces from New England Estates. All of these items are sterling silver with appropriate marks. MA residents must add 5% Sales Tax. American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards accepted.

Gorham - William Durgin Co. Fairfax Pattern, Introduced 1910. Child's Fork. 4 3/8" long. Stock number 002s-203 $15.00

Wallace. Carthage Pattern. Intriduced 1917, Cream Ladle. Approx 5" long with curved handle. Stock number 002s-204 $60.00

Saart Bros. Co. Potomac Pattern. Introduced 1930, Sugar Spoon. Approx 5.25" long. Stock number 002s-205 $35.00

Gorham. Mothers. Pattern introduced 1875. 3 Sterling Spoons. 2 Monogrammed H, 1 monogrammed M. Stock Number 002-S135. $45.

Gorham. Plymouth. Pattern Introduced 1911. Small ladle. Stock Number 002-S404 $45.

Towle, Canterbury. Pastry Fork. Mongrammed M. 002-S421 $65

Whiting- Concord. AKA Yankee Clipper. Pattern Introduced 1930. Oyster fork. Stock Number 002-S402A $22

Whiting- Concord. AKA Yankee Clipper. Pattern Introduced 1930. Pickle fork. Stock Number 002-S402 $20

Pickle Fork. 002-S422 $25.00

Gorham 2-C Pattern, Introduced 1885. Coffee Spoon. 4" long. Stock number 002-S201 $22.00 SOLD

Gorham Luxembourg Pattern. Introduced 1893. Cream Soup Spoon. 6" long. Stock number 002s-202 $30.00 SOLD

Lunt. Mt. Vernon. Pattern Introduced 1905. Sterling Spoon. 002-S401 $10. SOLD

Towle. Rustic. Serving Fork. Monogrammed B. 002-S420 $35 SOLD

Gorham Whiting. Louis XV Pattern Introduced 1891. 6 sterling spoons. Monogrammed W. Stock Number 002-S121 $125 SOLD

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