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Carl Sorenson Arts & Crafts Metal Work

Carl Sorenson, working in Philadelphia at the turn of the century, was noted for his Arts & Crafts styled metalwares. He typically worked in copper with occasional pieces in bronze. His hand-hammered desk accessories and decorative pieces are easily recognized by their verdigris patina commonly accented by incised and highlighted lines. Although they are approximately 75 years old they have the elegant simplicity of more contemporary pieces.


Footed Copper Vase with flared rim and inlayed bands of copper near the base. 7.5" tall, 7.25" diameter, marked "CS" and "Bronze" and "Carl Sorenson" in script. Small surface defect. Click to see small surface defect Vase was used to hold flowers resulting in surface pitting, wear and discoloration. Click to see interior of vase (Stock number 003m1008a) $300.00

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