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A Collection of Silverplate Sugar Spoons

We have been fortunate enough to acquire a large collection of silverplate sugar spoons from a New England estate. These are the first of many to be posted. Sorry but no time to polish or identify the patterns.

Reed & Barton - 3. (Stock number 005sps33) $10.00

Victoria (Stock number 005sps34) $10.00

Rogers & Bros. - A1 (Stock number 005sps36) $10.00

Alaska Silverware (Stock number 005sps37) $10.00

Oneida Community - A1 (Stock number 005sps38) $10.00

Holmes & Edwards - XIV (Stock number 005sps39) $10.00

1847 Rogers Bros. A1 (Stock number 005sps40) $10.00

Wm. Rogers & Son AA (Stock number 005sps41) $10.00

Wm. Rogers & Son AA (Stock number 005sps43) $10.00

Rogers & Bro- A1. (Stock number 005sps21) $10.00

B.S. Co - A1. (Stock number 005sps22) $10.00

Rogers & Bro- A1. (Stock number 005sps24) $10.00

1881 Rogers - A1. (Stock number 005sps25) $10.00

Rogers & Bro.- A1. (Stock number 005sps27) $10.00

Imperial Silver Co. (Stock number 005sps28) $10.00

Imperial. (Stock number 005sps30) $10.00

Rogers & Bro. - A1. Monogrammed LDA (Stock number 005sps31) $10.00

1847 Rogers Bros - A1. Monogrammed CEM (Stock number 005sps32) $10.00

Wm. Rogers and Son. (Stock number 005sps7) $10.00

Rogers Bros. (Stock number 005sps9) $10.00

Wm. Rogers Manufacturing Co. AA. (Stock number 005sps14) $10.00 SOLD

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