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Victorian Crazy Quilt Tops

This winning crazy quilt top is just waiting for a talented hand to complete it or display it as it is, a work in progress. There are many nicely embroidered sections, one painted piece and several partially embroidered pieces. It measures a generous 54" x 50" There is a small amount of fraying on one piece on the right edge, otherwise it is in very nice condition. There is no backing. (Stock number 002tx0608B) $200.00

This charming crazy quilt could be used as a wide table runner, a small quilt or as a decorative textile. It is characterized by some interesting embroidered sections, It is incomplete as the pieces along the lower right side have been basted in place but have not been secured with decorative stitching. Some of the top stitches are loose but can be easily repaired. The red ribbon along the right side also needs to be secured. The backing is composed of three parts, two light pink ends and a patterned black center panel. It measures 22.5" wide x 64" high. (Stock number 002tx0401B) $100.00

Very nice quilt is composed of some very lovely patches of fabric. One of the white pieces reads "These are peices (sic) of Antha Mursells Wedding Dresses." Unfortunately there is no date. The quilt is backed with black fabric and measures 42" wide x 54" high. A few pieces show signs of fraying but for the most part this is a very pleasing quilt. (Stock number 002tx827) $100.00

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