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Coca-Cola Bean Bag Plush Polar Bear Collectibles by Cavanagh

Charming set of six collectible Coca-Cola Bean Bag Plush Animals. North Pole characters will bring many hours of enjoyment. Great toys for the kids or as Christmas decorations in your home. Included in the set is: Coca-Cola Polar Bear in Red Scarf, Penguin in Coca-Cola Snowflake Scarf, Coca-Cola Polar Bear in Snowflake Hat, Coca-Cola Seal in Green Scarf, Reindeer in Coca-Cola Snowflake Scarf, and Walrus in Coca-Cola Snowflake Night Cap. Distributed by Cavanagh Group Intl. Each has its own bottletop tag. Approximately 6" tall. (Stock number 005CokeBeanBags) Set of 6 Bean Bags issued in 1998. SOLD

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