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Glass Banks

Finish the bottle of syrup or the jar of mustard and you had a bank! They were typically in the form of an animal but occasionally depicted a famous person (see the Joe Louis bank) or a charming character.

002glassbank1 SOLD | 002glassbank2 SOLD

002glassbank3 SOLD

Sitting Bear Syrup Bottle. 7" tall. No text on yellow cap. Raised letters on bottom read Mfrd. by Snow Crest Beverages Inc., Salem, Mass., Pat. Pend. (Stock Number 002glassbank1) $25.00 SOLD

Penguin Syrup Bottle. 8" tall. No text on white cap. Raised letters on bottom read 5119. (Stock Number 002glassbank2) $35.00 SOLD

Little Man Mustard Jar. 4.5" tall. No cap. Raised letters on bottom read Ploughman and Harrison, Chicago. (Stock Number 002glassbank3) $25.00 SOLD

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