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Walt Kelly's Pogo Figures

The denizens of the Okefenokee Swamp first appeared in "Animal Comics" in the early 1940's. Walt Kelly's comic strip then ran in the New York Star and a year later moved to the New York Post and syndication. Pogo, the wise possum, was the star of the strip. His contrary pal Albert the Alligator, Howland Owl, Churchy la Femme the Turtle, Beauregard the retired veteran bloodhound, and Porky Pine rounded out the cast of eccentric characters. Comic books, more than 30 Pogo books, an animated cartoon and a claymation feature followed. The strip was discontinued in 1975 two years after Walt Kelly's death. The strip is probably best known for Pogo's statement that "we have met the enemy and he is us." In 1969 Proctor & Gamble distributed the six figures shown below. The vinyl figures range in size from 4.25" to 5.5" tall. $15.00 each

Porky Pine | Albert the Alligator |Beauregard | Pogo | Churchy la Femme the Turtle | Howland Owl

(Stock number 003Pogo/PorkyPine) SOLD

(Stock number 003Pogo/Albert) SOLD

(Stock number 003Pogo/Beauregard) SOLD

(Stock number 003Pogo/Pogo)

(Stock number 003Pogo/Churchy) SOLD

(Stock number 003Pogo/Howland)

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