Steam Engines

Jensen Steam Engine Platform Style 60 7"w x 7" deep. (Stock number 003steam1108) $150.00

Fleischmann German Steam Engine Platform 13"w x 15" deep. Instructions. Some flaking paint on platform. (Stock number 003steam1103a) $300.00 Click for a side view SOLD
S.E.L Lineshaft in original box. (Stock number 003steam1103b) $50.00 SOLD
S.E.L Model Power Hacksawing in original box. (Stock number 003steam1103c) $35.00 SOLD

Fleschmann German Steam Engine (120/1) and Accessory (209) in excellent condition in original boxes. (Stock number 003steam01) $180.00 SOLD

Jensen #10 Platform Steam Engine (Electric) Never played with. EX+ (Stock number 332ty009) $400.00 SOLD
Six Jensen Steam Toy Accessories. Cast iron - mounted on board. Never played with EX+ (Stock number 332ty010) $150.00 SOLD

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