An Interesting Selection of Vintage Toys

Hafner tinplate train set - #1010 windup engine/tender (black & silver), #14825 AT & SF brown boxcar, #1010 Phillips 66 orange tank car, #614333 red caboose-All EX conmdition- (Stock number 332hf001) $135 SOLD

Lionel #712 Dry Compass (1942) in Original Dove Tailed Wood Carrying Case. Not illuminated. EX condition (Stock number 332lc001) $495.00 SOLD

K-56 Kuzan S.A.C. - Hat. Signal-Audio-Communicator Helmet in Original Box with instructions. 1960s vintage. EX condition (Stock number 332sac01) $60.00 SOLD

Noma Talking Station - Original Box EX+ (Stock number 332ty011) $95.00 SOLD

Bing Tin. Painted water pump with a pail. Blue with white diamonds around the top of base.- EX Condition (Stock number 332ty004) $250.00 SOLD

Doll & Co. Steam/Air Powered Platform Toy. Tank, flywheel and piston at on end and carousel with 3 seats at far end. 10" long. Handpainted with DC logo. (Stock number 332ty006) $550.00 SOLD

Marklin. WWI Painted Field Cannon with cleated wheels. Brown and green. EX condition (Stock number 332ty001) $350.00 SOLD

Marklin . Tin Litho Cannon made for 1920's flat car load. 6" long. EX condition (Stock number 332ty005) $115.00 SOLD

Penny Toy. Limousine. Tin Litho with painted roof & driver. 4" long EX condition (Stock number 332ty002) $115.00 SOLD

Penny Toy. Train engine #575 with attached tender and a tin litho gondola. Marked "Geselt" EX condition (Stock number 332ty003) $125.00 SOLD

Buddy L. Pressed Steel Transport Plane Windspan 27" x 19" long. Misssing all 4 props. Paint and decals EX+ (Stock number 332ty007) $375.00 SOLD

Japan. 3 Eastern Airliners. Die cast by Aero Mini. Retractable landing gears. EX (Stock number 332ty008) $65.00 SOLD

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