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A Small Group of Boomer Vintage and Newer Electric Trains

Lionel 027 Gauge

Lionel 3662-1 Automated Refrigerated Milk Car. Includes 1 milk can. As found condition Needs cleanup G-VG (Stock number 003lt001) $55.00

Lionel 6436-1 Lehigh Valley RR hopper - black.

VG (Stock number 003lt002) $22.00

Lionel 6017 Caboose.

G-VG Some scratches. No Breaks or chips. (Stock number 003lt003) $20.00

American Flyer S Gauge 3/16" Scale with Boxes

PA-1042 B & O 633 Box Car.

Tractors rusted. Box intact. (Stock number 003amfl01) $40

PA-9952 C. & N.W. RY. 42597 Log Car.

Some tractor rust. Box end flap missing. (Stock number 003amfl02) $40

PA-9952 C.&N.W.RY. 42597 Crane Car.

Some corrosion. End flap missing. (Stock number 003amfl03) $40

PA-10050 Reading 630 Caboose

Tractors rusted, small piece of plastic broken. End flap missing. (Stock number 003amfl04) $40

PA-9986 Texas & Pacific 631 Gondola.

Tractors rusted. Box coming apart. (Stock number 003amfl05) $40

PA-9180 Virginian Hopper. Tractors rusted. End flap missing. (Stock number 003amfl06) $40. SOLD

PA-8955 Shell Tanker 625.

Tractors rusted. Two sides of box missing. (Stock number 003amfl07) $40

PA-10050 Reading 630 Caboose

Tractors rusted. End flap missing. (Stock number 003amfl08) $40

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