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GI Joe Classic Collection - Tuskegee Fighter Pilot Figures

Since the Civil War Negro fighting units battled with the military for the right to participate as equals in combat. In 1939 a law was passed calling for the expansion of the Air Corps. At the same time the recruitment and training of qualified Negroes to serve as pilots and in support services was mandated. Despite its sluggishness in complying with this law the Army finally established a pilot training program at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, a prestigious Negro college. The Tuskegee pilots called themselves the "Lonely Eagles" and repeatedly distinguished themselves in the European Theatre. The success of the Tuskegee Experiment was an important factor in President Truman's order to integrate U.S. armed forces worldwide. Since then African-Americans have served alongside their fellow Americans in all military actions.

Tuskegee Fighter Pilot 1 Made by Hasbro ©1996 11" tall. Never removed from box. (Stock Number 005Tuskegee1) SOLD OUT

Tuskegee Fighter Pilot 2 Made by Hasbro ©1996 11" tall. Never removed from box. (Stock Number 005Tuskegee2) SOLD OUT

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